iPad WordPress app red-face flaw

While WordPress’s iPad app is a good tool for writing posts directly from the tablet, I won’t use it again in a hurry. Twice, I’ve part-written draft posts which the app made public even though they weren’t ready. This could be operator error as much as design flaw – it is possible to save iPad drafts, I just couldn’t figure out how to do it in a hurry when I needed to switch to other tasks.

I’ve found it easier and safer to use the web version of WordPress from the Safari browser. Has anyone else run into problems using the WordPress app? What are your workarounds?

One thought on “iPad WordPress app red-face flaw

  1. I love the app but mainly use it for moderating comments, checking stats and editing the odd post when I notice a mistake or have one pointed out to me.
    Like you I’ve had a couple of mishaps which were most likely entirely my fault, however I think that the design is likely to be ultimately responsible for the unintended consequences. My workaround is sadly to check, double check and to try not to make mobile posts unless I have no other choice. When you’re busy (as we all are) and can least afford an error then that is when it will happen of course…


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