Who cares if HP sells more PCs than Lenovo?

Does anyone outside of HP and Lenovo give a toss which company sold more personal computers in the fourth quarter of 2012?

Well, Computerworld reporter Sharon Gaudin seems excited about the tussle for top spot. She writes: “In its battle for the top spot in the rocky PC industry, Hewlett-Packard has edged out rival Lenovo to take back its leadership position.”

And that matters because?…

It gets worse. Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy says: “This is a monumental win for HP and it shows that if HP decides to flex their PC muscle, they can at least moderate and even increase share”.

“Monumental win”: are you kidding? A monumental win for HP would be toppling Apple in the tablet¬†market or besting Samsung in smartphones.

Or making a profit.

And that’s another reason worrying about who shipped the most units is meaningless. The prize worth winning in the PC game is which company makes the most money from selling personal computers not who can shovel them out the door fastest.

HP fends off Lenovo, reclaims PC crown | Computerworld New Zealand.


One thought on “Who cares if HP sells more PCs than Lenovo?

  1. Agreed. It’s the long term game that really matters. If HP continues to make blunders like it has in the last few years, it may not have a long term future. (Web OS, on again off again PC sales etc.)


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