Last week’s top posts

Two product stories took the honours for last week’s most popular reads on the site. There was also interest in the implications of a content deal to put English football on computer and tablet screens and my take on Fairfax’s announcement that it would close the IDG tech titles.

  1. MacBook Air or Microsoft Surface Pro?
    Apple’s long-life slim laptop or a Microsoft’s laptop-like tablet. The two have some basics in common, which would be a better choice? It may all come down to whether you like or need touch screens.
  2. BlackBerry Z10 finally hits New Zealand
    It took a while but the Blackberry Z10 smartphone is now finally on sale in New Zealand. Here’s a comprehensive run down that’ll help you decide if it’s the phone for you
  3. English football holds UFB key
    There’s a link between the deal which sees English football (soccer) rights go to a fresh owner in New Zealand and the government’s plan to get businesses and consumers on the UFB fibre network.
  4. Adequate is good enoughYou don’t always have to queue up then hand over a small fortune to get the latest and greatest technology. In fact, there’s a strong argument for buying tools that just get the job done.
  5. Computerworld NZ, Reseller, PC World: It may not be all over yetFairfax announced plans to drop three of its four technology titles. To some it looked like the end, but as I pointed out in this post, that wasn’t likely to happen. Also I explain why breaking up the group of titles was never a good idea.