Last week’s top posts

BlackBerry dominated last week on my site, not always in a good way. Here are the top five stories in descending order:

  1. Three weeks with the BlackBerry Z10
    A good smartphone, but not a great smartphone.  The Z10 has solid hardware coupled with a distinct operating system. On the downside poor battery life, a keyboard I just couldn’t get used to and an ordinary camera. In summary the Z10 was a year too late to market.
  2. Why I don’t want a hybrid
    Seen those computers that work as touch screen laptops that can convert into tablets? Well they are not for me.
  3. Windows 8.1: from grating to great?
    Microsoft fixes many of the annoyances in Windows 8 with its latest release. My verdict is this will please people who have already paid for the new operating system, I don’t think it will encourage that many outsiders to join the party.
  4. BlackBerry’s bad day at the mobile office
    Not enough customers like BlackBerry’s new phones to help dig the phone-maker out of its hole. The future isn’t looking too good although BlackBerry may survive as a software and services business.
  5. Commerce Commission squeezes Chorus again
    Costs and uncertainty are mounting at Chorus as the Commerce Commission decides the company has to pay a large slice of the Telecommunications Development Levy.