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New Zealand’s Ultrafast Broadband network has rarely been out of the news since digitl started. Last week it featured in two of the top five stories. Meanwhile interest grows in the 4G mobile and New Zealand’s relative place in the global technology picture.

Did we just spend $1.5 billion on a network for Sky TV? New Zealanders have poured billions into building a new fibre network. Is Sky TV going to be the main beneficiary?

New Zealand moves up tech development index. New Zealand has moved two places up the ITU global technology rankings to 16. That puts New Zealand one place ahead of the USA and in front of France, Germany and Canada.

Does Kim Dotcom’s third world NZ internet claim stand up? Kim Dotcom tells us New Zealand has third world internet. Dotcom is a showman. He knows how to create headlines, but is there any substance to the claim?

Telecom NZ 4G next month, no extra charge. Earlier than anticipated, the Telecom NZ 4G network is set to launch in parts of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on November 12.

Network for Learning. Network for Learning says 20 schools have begun moving to the company’s managed network. It also demonstrated its portal which will open in earnest at the start of the next school year.

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