Paying for Google Apps, or not?

After using the free version of Google Apps for a long time – maybe years – I decided to try the free trial of the paid version. My goal was to see what the $US5 a month buys in terms of extra features.

Apart from one support call, which Google resolved quickly and efficiently, I found I couldn’t make use of any of the extra features in the paid version of the software. I can’t see a valid reason to hand over my credit card details and pay for the service.

I’m not a fan of Google Docs. Unless I need collaboration, I find it one of the less worthwhile writing tools. Google Drive is great and I use Gmail as a Grand Central Station to marshal a dozen or so accounts. I sometimes prefer Google’s PDF reader to Acrobat. And that’s about it.

Are you using the paid version? Is there something you get from it that makes it worth the money. I’m genuinely curious and suspect I could be missing something important.


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