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If there’s a unifying theme to last week’s top stories, it’s about the march of cloud-based services, mobility and the supporting infrastructure. In other words, the big themes of the last few years.

How Xero’s capital raising was reported. It’s rare for a New Zealand technology industry story to get widespread coverage in the local and international media. Here we take a look at how others covered the story.

Grant Hopkins, director of enterprise, Vodafone NZ

Grant Hopkins, director of enterprise, Vodafone NZ

Vodafone NZ marks global enterprise turf after TelstraClear integration. Buying TelstraClear catapulted Vodafone’s ability to offer computing and communications services to the big end of town. The company has taken a very different path to Telecom’s Gen-i unit, Vodafone’s strategy is to work on a global scale.

Gen-i offers Knox secure BYOD, but only on Samsung mobiles. Telecom’s Gen-i division is the world’s first integrator to sell Samsung’s mobile security software.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 6.03.21 PMResidential UFB plans, October 2013. Now that Vodafone has made public its consumer UFB plans a clear picture has emerged of what you can expect to pay when connecting your home to the fibre network.

David Spence

Vocus chairman David Spence at the Auckland data centre opening

Vocus chairman David Spence on Ultrafast Broadband. While Australian-based serial communications industry CEO David Spence was in Auckland to open a new data centre for Vocus Communications he made some observations on the government-sponsored fibre network.

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