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Mobile data capacity

Mobile data capacity

Telecom NZ hotspot network points to Wi-Fi future. There’s going to be a lot more Wi-Fi in your future. Telecom NZ’s network of phone box-based hotspots is just one local part of a fast-growing international trend.

What Chorus withdrawing dividend guidance means in plain English. While Chorus’ formal coded statement the exchanges would make perfect sense to financial professionals, ordinary investors and interested members of the public should read this simpler version.


I had trouble in getting to the Windows stack. It ended well, but moving from the Apple stack to Windows proved far from trivial. To be fair to Microsoft, I didn’t have to install anything when starting out with Apple.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailPlace your bets for the Hawaiki handicap. Will there be another trans-Pacific submarine cable? Two very different opinions appeared in the NZ press this week.

Will Chorus woes put brake on NZ economy? The implications of the wheels falling off at Chorus may have been overstated – whatever happens schools, hospitals and business district are going to get fibre soon enough.


Microsoft Surface Touch Cover 2

Microsoft Surface Touch Cover 2

Windows stack day three: The joy of Surface. Swapping to the Type Cover 2 from the Touch Cover 2 made all the difference when it came to squeezing productivity from the Surface 2. By the time the week ended, I was converted from a sceptic to a fan.

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