Bill Bennett freelance journalist

Bill Bennett freelance journalistStarting out as a journalist when publishers still used hot metal to bash ink on paper hasn’t stopped Bill Bennett being at home with digital publishing. He has used email since 1985 and the web since it was text-only.

Bennett joined Practical Computing magazine as the junior writer in 1980.

Since then he has worked as an editor, journalist, broadcaster and publisher. Most of his career has been in newspapers where he writes about technology, science and business.

Bennett can explain difficult technical concepts in plain English to non-specialists. He often speaks on radio and television in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. He entertains audiences with his insights into technical subjects at conferences and seminars.

He has worked for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, The Dominion and The Evening Post. He was managing editor of PC Magazine Australia and the New Zealand edition.

Bennett was publisher of New Zealand Reseller News for IDG. He is co-author of the best-selling Usbourne Guide to the Microcomputer.

Bennett has a degree in Physics from Manchester University in the UK and remains interested in science. He lives on Auckland’s North Shore with his wife and two daughters.

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