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If you make a living from creating, manipulating or disseminating information you are a knowledge worker and this site for you. You’ll find information and news along with tips and ideas about the nature of knowledge work, how it is evolving and how to thrive. We’ll also look at how to get the most from knowledge worker careers and how to manage other knowledge workers.

As a knowledge worker you belong to the fastest growing segment of the workforce – a segment that is already dominant in most developed countries and just as important in the world’s rapidly developing countries. Although this blog is written in New Zealand, it attracts readers from around the world including the United Kingdom, the United States, India and Malaysia.

Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett has thirty years experience as a front-line knowledge worker. Specifically he is an experienced journalist, editor and publisher (for more information visit billbennett.co.nz). He lives in Auckland, New Zealand where he works part-time as the publisher of Reseller News, a lively trade newspaper for the computer industry. Bennett also runs a small editorial bureau specialising in technology and business communications for industry and has a number of international clients.

As a writer, Bennett has a reputation for making complex subjects understandable. He mainly works in the area where business meets technology, but is happy handling any ‘difficult’ writing job.

Bennett’s recent work portfolio includes stories for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age and The Australian Financial Review on topics as diverse as the changing weight of exports, raising venture capital, corporate information technology and how to choose a small business PC.

While most of the material here is brand new, some posts in this blog have been adapted and updated from previously written stories.