Don’t know about Apple, but I need a bigger iPhone

Media sites have chewed over internal Apple documents suggesting the company needs a bigger iPhone in recent days. At Gigaom Kevin Tofel writes:  Even Apple admits Apple might need to make a bigger iPhone.

I can’t speak for Apple, but I need a bigger iPhone.

In the last few weeks my eyesight has deteriorated to the point where I often can’t read the tiny text on my iPhone 5S without glasses. I can still read the screen on my Nokia Lumia 920 without spectacles.

The iPhone 5S has a four-inch screen, the Lumia 920 display is 4.5 inches. It’s surprising just how much difference it makes.

A week with school iPads in it

New Zealand’s working year doesn’t start in earnest until Waitangi Day – that’s February 6 to overseas readers. Apart from a small break at Easter, that’s it for resting until next Christmas. Here I update what happened in January, then look back at last week. 

That’s not say I’ve been idle. During January I posted 22 stories to the digitl site and started what proved a longer-that-expected site redesign. I also tucked away the March NZ Business column and signed up to write and edit the IITP techblog.

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