Thoughts on the Skinny 4G modem

Tim Hughes comments on Geekzone‘s story about Skinny’s 4G broadband service. He suggests $200 is a lot of money to pay upfront for a modem.


The Skinny 4G service costs $55 a month for 60GB of data. From reading the Skinny site it seems the modem is not optional.

If you stick with Skinny for a year the cost adds up to an extra $16 a month. Over two years it would be $8 a month.

So long as you can make a case for buying Skinny’s 4G broadband service in the first place, the extra cost of the modem makes sense.

Making the modem purchase an upfront cost means Skinny can offer 4G broadband without restrictive contracts. That flexibility makes the deal more attractive to some users.

I’d choose buying the $200 modem over a  12 or 24-month contract any day.

To put the price in perspective, I recently saw an invoice for a 33 Kbps modem I bought 20 years ago when working as a magazine editor in Sydney. It was A$700. That’s well over NZ$1000 in today’s money.