Vodafone wins TrueNet 3G shootout

Mobile broadband downloads and uploads are now faster on Vodafone’s 3 network than on Telecom or 2degrees. That’s the verdict of the latest testing by Truenet which compared speeds at a series of locations in central Auckland and Wellington.

The tests show that Vodafone’s 3G network was lagging its competitors at the end of 2012. By the last quarter of 2013 it was significantly ahead with average mobile download speeds running at almost 4Mbps in Wellington and 4.5Mbps in Auckland.
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What’s the real story with Windows Phone?

In December Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows published Windows Phone Turned the Corner in 2013.  Thurrott is an influential US blogger and his story was picked up by other media.

Thurrott’s story looks at what went to make 2013 a turnaround year for Microsoft’s  smartphone operating system.

However 2013 wasn’t all good news for Windows Phone. In January GigaOm’s Kevin C. Tofel reported a murkier picture in Nokia finishes 2013 with 30M Lumias sold, ending on a falling note. That’s significant as it was the last quarter before Microsoft is expected to take control of the business. Continue reading