iPad can’t embed links? Now you tell me

How I feel about iPad URL embedding

How I feel about iPad URL embedding

For 18 months or so I’ve used my iPad to write news stories, blog posts and other articles while on the move. Coupled with a wireless keyboard the iPad is better than a standard laptop with longer battery life, less distraction and increased portability.

It turns out none of the writing apps can add or embed URLs into a document. That usually doesn’t matter, I don’t need to add them or if I do there will be just one which I can list at the end of the story. And it doesn’t matter if I writing a blog post because the WordPress app CAN insert URLs.

Soon I’ll be back on the road. I was planning to travel light with just my iPad and keyboard for writing.That plan is scuppered because I write a daily column that includes as many as 30 URLs embedded in the text.

This is a problem. I sold my old laptop. Luckily Mrs B has an old one stashed away, so I’ll get to relive the pleasures of Windows XP for a few days. Happy, happy, joy, joy.