So there I am, sitting in Paul Spain‘s office getting ready to record this week’s New Zealand Tech Podcast, when I realise I’ve hit a pinnacle of cross-platform integration.

I’m looking at my iPad. Instead of running Safari, I downloaded Google’s Chrome browser earlier in the week. I’m using that because it syncs with the Chrome browser on my desktop PC and for that matter the browser on my smartphone.

And I use that sync to call up a Word document stored on Microsoft’s SkyDrive.  Hell, I can even edit the document.

The incredible thing is I didn’t even think about this, I just did what seemed natural.

Apple-Google-Microsoft all working in harmony. It is like Churchill sitting with Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta. A more  modern metaphor for younger readers might be Gandalf, Dumbledoor and Obi Wan Kenobi standing side-by-side.

Does it get any better?

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