A clear benefit from switching back to WordPress.com

In December I moved this site back to WordPress.com after using a self-hosted site for a couple of years.

I’ll write more about the pros and cons of switching back to WordPress.com later. For now, here’s clear evidence of one benefit: Pages from my WordPress.com hosted site download more than five times faster than on my self-hosted site.

The graph comes from Google Webmaster Tools. Before the switch it was taking an average of 2200 milliseconds to download a page. Now it takes around 400 milliseconds.

This isn’t the whole story. I tried two hosting companies, the 2200 millisecond average was from the second, more reliable host. I switched to that company from an earlier host, where the average download time was closer to 3000 milliseconds. In both cases I used caching – the speeds would have been much slower without it.

9 thoughts on “A clear benefit from switching back to WordPress.com

  1. Pretty much mirrors my own experience. Stats will be a bit overstated if you’d previously hosted in nz (further to go to the relevant Google data centers) – still, impressive result.

    NZ hosting can’t seem to compete with the US on price or performance…. which I guess isn’t surprising given relative market size.

  2. Agree with your comments on NZ hosting. I noticed my first local host had 300+ other sites on the same server – that slowed things down a lot.

    I also noticed that New Zealand host served up pages more slowly to NZ readers than an overseas host, which is counter-intuitive.

  3. Hey Bill. Happy new year. So, is WordPress actually hosting you, with your own domain name, or are you using one of their hosting partners? I’m not happy with my site’s performance and want to move it but have been putting it off due to inertia and a lack of time.

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