Integrate and Google+?

Here’s what I’d like to do with Google+.

When I write a post on my site, I’d like to send the entire text to Google+. OK maybe not the entire text of longer stories, but a sizable grab.

Then, I want to integrate the comments that appear on Google+ with the comments on my site — so both sets of comments appear in both places.

Is this possible?

2 thoughts on “Integrate and Google+?

  1. Hi

    Not sure about the about the comment syncing part of your request, but you can do the auto posting.

    Unfortunately the google+ api doesn’t allow write access to your account but this plugin can save your google+ user info and login and post automatically. It’s kind of clumsy in a corporate environment as you’re effectively giving anyone with access to wordpress your google+ info. Having said that, as far as I know a plugin of this sort will be the only way to do it for now.

    I don’t think it’s possible to sync comments between wordpress and google+

    Good luck

  2. Whoops. Having said that, not sure if this plugin can be installed on You’ll have to test that. Cheers

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