Oracle opens regional datacentre in Australia

A special kind of double-think comes into play when a multinational technology company opens a facility in Australia, then tries to palm it off on New Zealanders as “local” or “regional”. Oracle has done just this.

Once a New Zealand company goes offshore for its cloud services, it can buy from anywhere.

Australia is not a draw card.

An Australian datacentre works for Australian companies. It means they can meet local regulatory and legal requirements. Customers can at least kid themselves it solves data┬ásovereignty issues. Let’s not underestimate Australian economic nationalism – a concept which usually carries little weight in New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Oracle opens regional datacentre in Australia

  1. So is this text written by you? Because until now I’ve assumed it was a piece you’ve shared because of the formatting.

    The press release says ‘regional’ but I don’t get the impression they were saying regional to NZers.

    Still, I agree with you. re:NZ; Big whoop.

  2. Well I guess if you’re in Australia and you call a business “regional” then New Zealand would be the first place that springs to mind. OK, maybe PNG or East Timor.

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