Cisco: Our mobile data appetite doubled in size in 2012

If anything New Zealand’s data appetite grew even faster.

2degrees sent out a press release last week saying network data increased by almost three times in the last year. It didn’t say what the base was, so it isn’t clear if that estimate means anything much.

Meanwhile Vodafone New Zealand says data traffic has quadrupled over two years and climbed by 1300% in the last four years.


The average global mobile user consumed 201 MBs of data a month in 2012, more than doubling the 92 MBs monthly average from 2011, according to Cisco Systems’(s csco) new Visual Networking Index (VNI) for mobile traffic.

That may not seem like a huge amount, but it’s spread out over the entire world’s population, including parts of the world where 3G connections are still rare and smartphone uptake negligible. When broken down by region, the numbers really pop. Cisco found the typical North American accounted for 752 MBs a month, while Western Europeans ate up a monthly average of 491 MBs.

Cisco Mobile VNI regional consumption

In total, devices with mobile connections generated 900 petabytes of traffic (a petabyte being 1 million GBs) each month in 2012. And we ain’t seen nothing yet. Cisco is projecting global mobile traffic will grow at compounded annual rate of 66 percent for the next five years, doubling 13…

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One thought on “Cisco: Our mobile data appetite doubled in size in 2012

  1. It doesn’t hurt to give away data. I went with 2 Degrees and got 1GB of free data a month. Telecom sold me my new iPhone but neither Voda not Telecom were prepared to match their deal. No reason to doubt either of their statistics even if they don’t share the baseline.


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