Is Windows 8 to Microsoft like OS/2 was to IBM?

Microsoft has done some of its best work for a decade in the last 18 months – new Windows, new smartphone, tablets, new Office, new XBox – and that still isn’t enough to keep the company relevant. It is already looking like an underdog. I don’t think matters will improve until there’s a leadership change.

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Back in 2007 I wrote a blog that asked “Is Microsoft like ‘old’ IBM?” That was in the days when the mighty Redmond software factory seemed unable to do wrong. At the end of the blog, I asked:

I wonder how long Microsoft’s good times will last?

I thought it would last much longer than it has. Microsoft is now looking distinctly less mighty and infallible than it used to, that is because it missed the new markets of smartphone operating systems and tablets until they were well established by other companies.

Now I am beginning to wonder whether Microsoft is tracing the same steps with Windows 8 as IBM did in the 1980s when it released the OS/2 operating system?

Remember, IBM brought out OS/2 to try and win back its PC operating system market share from the growing Windows operating system. By that time, IBM had…

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One thought on “Is Windows 8 to Microsoft like OS/2 was to IBM?

  1. I wouldn’t say they missed the smartphone market, they were essentially there with Windows Mobile 6.5, but they missed the UX train and stayed at Windowsville so to speak.

    I think what is happening is something that is inevitable of a sizeable company; they aren’t ‘agile’ (lol). They have become too much to too many and anything they do will alienate a sector unless it’s just the same as the previous but better.


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