Even Samsung doing it tough in smartphones

Samsung may be cruising towards a record profit, but the company’s latest results are behind forecasts and slowing smartphone sales are to blame.

Reuters reports an analyst saying the slowdown in the handset business is worse than expected with Samsung’s smartphone sales momentum slowing.

Having tested Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, I’d say there’s a little more to this. Make no mistake, the S4 is a great phone, but it isn’t so nice that people would junk recently purchased phones to upgrade. There are many nice features, but no must-haves.

This follows disappointing sales at BlackBerry and misstepsĀ at HTC.

The smartphone market is not far from saturation and the people don’t feel the need to upgrade every twelve months.

3 thoughts on “Even Samsung doing it tough in smartphones

  1. I can’t wait to get an S4 Active. Orange phone!

    Yeah, it’s the same as computers, there is barely anything to differentiate different brands let alone different generations. Technically my 3yo OG Galaxy S still does everything nice, just a bit of lag starting up Chrome and ofc it won’t play any fancy 3D game. Other than that it still makes a solid smartphone.

      • Yeah I don’t think 3D is actually a value-add.

        You tried display makers and Hollywood. Time to admit defeat.

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