With the launch of its CDN, it’s clear Apple is as webscale as Facebook or Google

I was wondering why Apple would invest in such a hefty CDN. Then I opened the App Store page on my iPad — nine new iOS app updates since yesterday and two hefty ones on the Mac’s OS X App Store.

Question answered.

And as Stacey Higginbotham explains, Apple probably plans some kind of video streaming service.


Despite all its success over the last decade, for years Apple has been derided as being bad at the cloud. In an era where content was increasingly streamed to myriad devices and files were accessed via applications like Dropbox, Apple was still pushing downloads, complex DRM and authorized computers while struggling to give its iCloud product the basic features and performance that people expected from a cloud service.

But as the stakes have risen, Apple has been building out some impressive infrastructure that rivals that of the large internet companies like Google and Facebook. Apple’s data centers have expanded and it has hired people who are not only mimicking the big names, but leading in areas like solar power. And with yesterday’s news that Apple has built a mammoth content delivery network it’s becoming clear that Apple recognizes the economics and tradeoffs of the cloud world and is…

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