We moved to Balmain Road in Chatswood, our house had reasonable, not great, reception on Vodafone New Zealand‘s network.

When my employer changed mobile provider to Telecom, my home coverage dropped  – albeit on a different phone. I would miss incoming calls, only to find a stack of voice mail messages when I walked up the road.

A year ago, I left my job and switched back to Vodafone hoping to see better reception. If anything, Vodafone’s coverage was worse than Telecom’s. Something happened between the two dates – the arrival of 3G networks.

Incidentally my house is not in the 3G coverage area. And curiously, when there is reception my phone is serviced by Te Atatu about 5km across the harbour.

Shortly before Christmas I tried a 2degrees sim card in my phone. The reception is perfect. Five bars on the handset display and crisp, clear reception.

3 thoughts on “2degrees has best mobile reception in Chatswood

  1. Hi Bill,

    I found your site on a search for “balmain road reception”. We are currently looking at a house right at the bottom of the hill and only noticed that there was no reception when I took a friend for a drive out there to view from the road.

    In fact, my VF mobile (blackberry) had zero reception at the driveway.

    Jumped to 2 bars about 10m up the hill (Around number 100 I guess).

    Doesn’t seem to be any better down there from when you posted this. Has there been any neighborhood petitioning to VF at all?

  2. @Aaron – Vodafone investigated the problem and sent me some maps to show reception strength in the immediate area of my (now ex-) house.

    According to Vodafone, we should have received the 2G signal, but not the 3G signal. In practice I could only get 2G by standing outside on the deck and, even then, it was patchy.

    Vodafone lost interest in the whole affair after this – and so did I, I just switched networks and ported my Vodafone number.

  3. Thanks for the response mate. May be a deal breaker for us then as one of us is on-call for work on occasions. I can live without 3G at home, but not basic cell phone usage.

    I would imagine those maps are based on calculated coverage and don’t take terrain into account. That road is in a mighty deep valley.

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