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When fibre comes down my streetAccording to the Chorus availability map the UFB network isn’t coming to my house any time soon.

We were almost the last street in Auckland to connect to the cabinet network. We’re probably at the back of the queue for fibre.

Thanks to the New Zealand government’s short-sighted intervention over copper network regulation I’m unlikely to see much VDSL action from any of the major ISPs in the near future.

On the other hand, I expect to see a choice of 4G networks by Christmas. And if my experience with the network formerly known as XT is anything to go by, I won’t have much competition for the local tower.

It isn’t unrealistic to expect VDSL-type speeds from wireless data.

Sure that’s not as good or as reliable as a fibre link and the cost per GB of data is high. But until Chorus runs fibre past my house it is the best deal I’m going to get.

The wait for fibre could easily be six years. That’s a long time in technology. Six years ago smartphones and tablets barely existed.

Maybe when the network reaches here I’ll be gagging for fibre. Or maybe, I’ll have learnt how to live without it.

3 thoughts on “4G – the best broadband down my street for now

  1. “Six years-It could ago smartphones and tablets barely existed.” You need to fix that sentence.

    I don’t think fibre is a need yet for residential purposes (as long as you can get stable ‘ADSL’), I was begging for it at work and we have it; the speeds are nicer but the latency NZ gets is more of an issue for web browsing.

  2. At least you’re going to _get_ fibre in the forseeable future. Here in Martinborough it’s not even on a schedule and I may be dead and buried before it arrives. Meanwhile, we do get a reasonable ADSL service and we’ve had cabinets for some time. But what gets me, is that because Chorus wants to encourage people to switch to fibre, they want to scupper the drastic DSL price reductions recently recommended by the Commerce Commission.

    So Martinborough, along with many small towns all over NZ, and rural dwellers, get no fibre but we’d pay through the nose for our DSL so Aucklanders can be encouraged to go fibre.

    My heart bleeds for you.

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