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Bill Bennett


Employers hit by abusive hiring

HR specialist John Sullivan makes a powerful point in How candidate abuse Is costing your firm millions of dollars in revenue.

He says companies have raised monitoring customer satisfaction to a science. They know the exact cost of getting a customer, upsetting a customer and losing a customer.

But when it comes to hiring workers, they deliver a poor candidate experience and this ends up costing them dearly.

Sullivan says;

I estimate that the average professional candidate voluntarily spends more than $1,000 worth of their own time and money in preparing for and participating in an organization’s hiring process. Given that level of investment, they deserve to be treated like good customers.

It’s a long piece with plenty of detail, and he provides a list of 20 negatives from poor hiring practices. Two stand out.

First, abused candidates turn into enemies. Not only will they not buy the company’s products, but they actively lobby against others buying those products. This is especially harmful to companies operating in business-to-business markets where individual orders are large.

Second, the best candidates – which also means the best employees – don’t need to put up with being jerked around by dumb processes. They’ll walk away from stupidity. So over time a company with poor hiring practices will only get second-rate people.



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