Australian advertisers have made a point of telling television viewers and radio listeners where they live for decades.

You can barely cut to a commercial break without hearing someone shouting out the words Australia or Australian. Advertisers commonly address the audience collectively as “Australia” and to shout bollocks such as “Australia’s home of digital cameras”.

Presumably they think Australians are so dumb, they haven’t registered where they are living. Or perhaps they think attention spans have dwindled to the point we need constant reminders about where we live.

What arrogant, patronising swine.

I barely ever watch broadcast television, so I missed when this started happening in New Zealand. Presumably it began when local campaigns recycled Australian material. Some advertisers are too cheap to make local commercials.

And then there are lines like “New Zealand’s favourite brand of incontinence underwear”. As if places have brand preferences…


4 thoughts on “Advertising reminds us where we live

  1. Are you kidding? It has been happening here for decades too. If anyone can, a kiwi can.

    • You’re probably right. I’m not a huge TV watcher and never have been. But recently, for the first time, I’ve noticed the sheer number of mentions of New Zealand during TV ads.

  2. I don’t mind so much as long as it is New Zealand and not New Zilland! We hear far too much of that from that ‘Key person’

  3. I grew up in the UK, and it’s something I really noticed when I lived in Australia, and to some extend in New Zealand: “Kiwi pies for Kiwi’s” or “Australia, you’re standing in it”.

    Britain used to have the self-confidence not to do this – they even omit to put the name of the country on stamps, the navy or the air force. I think that’s dying out a bit though as increasing desparate politicians appeal to petty nationalism.

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