Australian and New Zealand employers are out of touch with reality according to research by Hudson, a recruitment company.

Those aren’t the words Hudson uses; it is what the company means. In Talent Tightrope: Managing the Workplace through the Downturn, Hudson says; “Employers consistently think their employees’ sentiment is twice as good as it is in reality”.

“In every aspect of current workplace sentiment, whether job satisfaction, motivation, morale, perceived stress levels or job security employers are clearly unaware of their employees’ frame of mind.”

Mark Steyn, CEO Hudson A/NZ.

Steyn says: “Nearly half (44%) of 2,394 employees surveyed indicated worker morale has plummeted. In contrast, only 26% of the 247 employers interviewed acknowledge that workplace morale has dropped”.

There’s more in the same vein. You can download the press release from Hudson.

Hudson found employee stress, workloads and insecurity are all higher since the start of the recession.

Some managers use recession as an opportunity to exploit workers without seeing how negative moral hurts productivity more than any gains from bullying.

Managers and companies behaving badly now will struggle when the recovery arrives. Those downtrodden employees will head for greener pastures.

As the report says one-third of employees are angry and resentful of the way they’ve been treated. It’s going to take more than team-building sessions and employee of the month badges to get those people back on side.

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