Apple iPhone 5S leather case light blue

Apple’s iPhone 5S is a beautiful device. It looks and works best naked. When you carry the phone in your pocket it is so small and light you can often forget it is there.

The iPhone 5S isn’t fragile. It can take everyday knocks and bumps in its stride. But there are limits. It is largely made of glass and anodised aluminium. This combination can only take so much punishment. Apple acknowledges this and offers its own range of protective phone cases.

Apple’s official iPhone 5S Case is a rigid plastic shell that fits snugly around the back and sides of the phone. Mine is light blue with a soft leather feel. It’s thin and so light that it adds almost no extra weight — just 13 grams. It makes the phone about 4mm higher and wider. You almost wouldn’t know it is there.

In practice the case’s texture makes the phone less likely to slip out of your hand if it is sweaty or otherwise wet. The leather feel gives you better grip.

Padding for the iPhone 5S

There’s not much padding here, but the case does add extra protection should you drop the phone. The material also seems to do a good job of absorbing scratches and nicks. These are a bigger everyday risk than a catastrophic drop.

My only criticism is that the light blue leather finish case became a little grubby within the first few months of use. This probably wouldn’t matter with the black case and would possibly make the brown leather case look more interesting. The light blue case doesn’t fare as well. Washing it made it look worse.

The NZ$59 price for the protective case seems like a worthwhile insurance policy for the NZ$1000 plus phone. You can buy Apple iPhone 5S cases at the online Apple Store.

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