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Writing at Techpinion, John Kirkland reports:

Over 40 million of those 80 million Mac users are running the latest Mavericks operating system. That’s a 51% adoption rate, the fastest PC adoption rate in history. By way of comparison, after two years, Windows 8 adoption is at 14%.

This has as much to do with price as anything. Apple’s last OS X upgrade was free. I paid US$40 to get a special price when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Nevertheless, Apple’s engagement is vital. No other tech company comes close to getting the same level of buy in.

One thought on “Apple’s up-to-date users

  1. I think there adoption rate on mobile is because it is opt-out, but a lot of people are realising they may want to opt out now. After experiencing terrible performance for the latest versions on anything not the latest hardware.

    Yes Mac OS upgrades have become free, but I really don’t see anything in them as big of a change as can happen in a Windows release. They are more like SP2 for Windows XP.

    I can’t be sure, but I think Mac upgrades might be ‘easier’, whereas installing 8 on top of 7 or 7 on top of Vista you knew your whole system was changing (and the bugs and unintended behaviour that came with that). Maybe 8.1 will be better in that regard.

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