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Auckland SkyTower: The price is height

Good value viewing at Sky Tower

The Economist compares the price of visiting public viewing platforms with the height of some of the world’s highest buildings. London’s The Shard is the least value for money charging £29.95 (NZ$57) for an adult to see the view from 244m. That’s almost US$0.19 per metre.

How does Auckland’s SkyTower compare?

Good value it turns out.

At 328m the building is considerably higher than The Shard and it costs just NZ$28 to peer out over the Hauraki Gulf. That works out at around 7 US cents per metre. A price putting it in the middle of the range of buildings surveyed for the Economist story.

Daily chart: The price is height | The Economist.



2 thoughts on “Auckland SkyTower: The price is height

  1. I like to complain about the price of the tow plane at our gliding club, but maybe it’s not so bad after all.

    Typically at the moment a tow for a 2-seat glider to 2000 ft costs about $55, or 4000 ft for $100. That’s NZ 8.2c-9c per meter, or US 6.8c-7.5c. And that cost can be split if it’s not a student/instructor situation.

    A mere 300m would probably be $37, or more like US 10c per m.

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