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Is Auckland a jobs oasis for IT specialists?

Well that’s what specialist recruitment firm Potentia says in an upbeat report on jobs with Auckland’s technology companies.

The company surveyed 453 organisations and found the jobs market is still expanding. Highlights include:

  • A third of companies plan to expand. Only 10 percent are focused on survival.
  • Half of the companies expect to hire more staff, with contractors accounting for nearly half of those new positions.
  • Salaries are not likely to rise.

So, not much dosh, precious little security, but plenty of work for those who want it. In global terms that makes Auckland a beacon of employment hope. (And a good place to live too).

The report is essential reading for all New Zealand technology professionals and describes a possible escape route for worried Australians knowledge workers.

As an aside, Potentia could do with some professional communications help. The report is poorly written. It is too long and has far too many complex, jargon-packed sentences. This makes for dreary reading. The company’s sales pitch inserted near the start comes across as crass. This is a shame as, with better presentation, this could be a first class piece of marketing communications that speaks for itself.