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Ten warning signs your job could be scheduled for the chop.

Answer the questions honestly — no-one will judge you. Give yourself two points if the answer is a definite yes and one point for a maybe.

If your total is less than two, you can forget about job insecurity. A score of two means things are repairable. If your score is three you’ll need to lift your game now.

A score of four or five means you don’t need to panic, but it is time to polish your CV and stick a toe in the job market as you’ll probably be shown the door in the next six months.

If you score six or more points you are on borrowed time – get in touch with a recruitment consultant.

Warning signs:

  • No matter what the window dressing, you’re doing the same work today you were doing two years ago.
  • You’ve received no significant formal training in the past year while most colleagues have. Short, functional courses of a single day or less don’t count.
  • You’ve been working at the same managerial or reporting level for five or more years (moving companies, job titles or departments doesn’t count).
  • You no longer get paraded in front of key customers or clients. This warning sign might show itself differently. The general idea is you are no longer treated as a draw-card.
  • There’s not as much work to do these days as there was.
  • You are no longer consulted about major policy decisions.
  • You had a minimal pay rise at the last pay review. Score an extra point if you had no pay rise at all.
  • The last restructure left you with less responsibility.
  • Meetings take place without you even though you feel you should be involved.
  • You suspect  important things are going on but you are not in the loop. This might manifest itself by a sudden lack of eye contact.

Finally, add one point if you are over 40, two points if you are over 45 and three points if you are over 50.