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Good news for Blackberry
Good news for Blackberry

Two things caught my eye in a media release from IDC Australia following a bring your own device survey which says two-thirds of businesses now allow some form of BYOD.

First, when asked, employees named Blackberry as their first brand choice for smartphones and tablets. It looks like the troubled phone maker still has a future – at least in Australia.

Second, the move to BYOD is riskier than most businesses understand. IDC reports:

an alarming number of businesses have no formal policy for managing the BYOD trend. Some 55% have no formal BYOD policy for smartphones, 49% have none for tablets and 41% of businesses have none for laptops.

And that’s a worry because:

corporate data is more exposed to a host of security vulnerabilities from malware attacks to exposing an untold number of endpoints to corporate data.

One thought on “IDC Australia rings BYOD alarm, cheers Blackberry

  1. Considering most companies employ the weakest passwords I’ve ever seen, and stores them in plain txt files and/or sticky notes on the screen it doesn’t surprise me that either the people that care about it aren’t given resources/power to do anything about it or they just straight up don’t have anyone employed that would care.

    2 things hold me back from Z10: I’m not paying $1,000 for a phone again ($800 would be fine) and I want native Linux software. The Linux thing holds me back the most. I’ve been on Linux exclusively for a year, I’m not breaking that for a phone.

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