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Today I moved this site from self-hosted WordPress back to WordPress.com. You may notice a few minor changes.

My main reason for returning was simplicity. The site design is minimal, my site needs are minimal.

I’m still running other self-hosted sites using WordPress, but I decided life would be simpler if I could leave this site’s management to others.

Although this is free, my decision isn’t about money. My hosting contract still has six months to run. I’ll be using the space for another project.

While moving was easy, I had a brief hiccup when I forgot to switch my email address to the new server.

I’m using my own domain name and the US$30 Custom Design upgrade.

2 thoughts on “Back with WordPress.com

  1. Hi Bill, Out of interest was the move from self-hosted to WordPress.com difficult? Were you able to keep the same design template or did you have to use one of theirs? It’s just that I have four or five ‘friends and family’ sites that I would really rather not be responsible for any more and I’d love to move them to WordPress.com.

    • Hi Matthew

      I’m planning to write a fuller answer when I get back to my desktop, but for now, please excuse the terse iPad on the sofa version.

      The move wasn’t technically difficult, there are things to watch.

      1. Permalinks. These are not customisable with wp.com.

      2. If you worry about search, the trick is to switch format a couple of weeks before making the move, otherwise Google gets confused. I’ll expand on this later.

      3. I moved the domain name. There was no control over the time this happened, it happened at 11pm so I was effectively offline for about nine hours – this may not bother you.

      4. I paid extra for the custom design and used my own twenty ten child template. It didn’t look great, so I had to switch to a new template – this was the trickiest part of the process and I still don’t have it perfect. Stay tuned on this.

      5. There’s zero flexibility over the iPad and smartphone templates – this is almost a deal breaker for me, but I’m too far in.

      6. There are a few minor irritations. Mainly lack of design flexibility. I wanted life to be simpler, so I’ll just have to put up with them.

      7. On the plus side, the .com site is seven times faster than my hosted site, requires almost zero maintenance, hasn’t gone offline at all in two weeks, gets more accidental traffic and is free.

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