Gartner says 2013 will be the year when big data technologies break through. The analyst company surveyed technology leaders, 42% said they have either invested in big data or will do this year.

The releases is candid about why companies are so keen to start big data projects. It points to media hype showing ‘rousing’ case studies. This means business managers now worry they are behind their competitors.

Gartner advises managers not to worry saying there are plenty of opportunities and warns the challenge is to cut through the hype when evaluating options.



2 thoughts on “Big year, big hype, big data

  1. There are loads of opportunities to use data more effectively already. The biggest shift is actually having skilled people who can ask the right questions IMHO

    • I agree. The main problem facing big data isn’t how to process it, but what to process it into. You can’t just expect a big table of numbers to tell you anything.

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