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Bill Bennett


Blogspot gains popularity in New Zealand

Two years ago it was clear New Zealanders prefer Blogspot to WordPress.

At the time Google’s blog software was twice as popular as the hosted version of WordPress with New Zealand bloggers. There were many more bloggers using a self-hosted version of WordPress, but Blogspot was still a long way ahead.

Since then the numbers have changed.

Look at the top 200 NZ blogs listed at Open Parachute. Of the sites where the host’s name appears in the URL:

  • Blogspot accounted for 116 or 58 percent. That’s up from 50 percent two years ago.
  • WordPress had 27 sites. It has fallen from around 20 precent to a 13.5 percent share.
  • TypePad had 3 or a 1.5 percent share which is down from 4 percent two years ago. It is on the way out.

These numbers surprised me. WordPress has grown in strength internationally in the last two years while Blogspot has fallen behind.

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