Bob Sutton: Wearing the Asshole Collar

asshole collar
Does this man look like an ass or an arse to you?

Where I come from it would be arse-hole, not asshole. But who’s enough of one to worry about a little niggle over antipodean versus American English?

Either way, the arse-hole collar isn’t just an American thing. In my experience British and Australian arse-hole managers wear them too. New Zealanders don’t. But then hardly anyone in New Zealand ever wears a collar and tie to work.

The comments on Bob’s post mention bow-ties also indicate arse-hole managers. That’s not as universal a truth as the white-collar on coloured shirt thing, but yes, there is some correlation there too.

What I’d like to know is how does one spot a female arse-hole boss?

Bob Sutton: The Asshole Collar.

By Bill Bennett

Not actually a geek, more a chronicler of geekdom. Still mainly a journalist, sometimes a blogger.

3 replies on “Bob Sutton: Wearing the Asshole Collar”

He just looks absent-minded to me; like he picked up the wrong detachable collar for the shirt he was wearing. Terrible effect.

Strange; I always associated this type of shirt with Jason Statham’s character in Snatch. Not an arse-hole at all.

@jon – I can’t argue with that. And I definitely wouldn’t argue with most of Statham’s characters…

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