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Bill Bennett


Brainpower: Recognising knowledge workers

Rewarding knowledge workers

Brainpower: Rewarding knowledge workers is an article adapted from a presentation given by consulting firm Mercer. It looks at the needs and wants of knowledge workers from a managerial point of view. While its conclusion is far from original (bosses need to look after knowledge workers if they want to stay competitive) the core message needs underlining.

“…a pressing question facing companies today is how to sustain and grow this competitive advantage, which is created and housed in the minds of its knowledge workers.”

A key part of getting this right is understanding who counts as a knowledge worker. In the past the cut-off point was often thought to be the college degree. That’s still a minimum requirement, but the real key is people who need to adapt their knowledge to solve problems and innovate rather than follow an established procedure or a script.

In the chart that would be those in the top right quadrant.

Anything below the adapt line could, in theory anyway, be automated.




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