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Unless you’re a specialist, dealing with technology can be a costly distraction. Plenty of help is available, but the trick is to find technical support that best fits your needs and lets you get on with running your business.

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6 thoughts on “If it’s broken who’re you going to call?

      • Which is as neat a segue as one could hope for into the “Who you gonna call?” I wonder how much more complexity we can use, and your article is a sensible way to consolidate some of it… I wonder if I’ll one day note have a desktop. Sure, all the trappings of one, but the whole thing not here, bar the mouse, monitor of convenience and keyboard. Not the sole device, we’re multi-devicing, so maybe it’s time to get some of it on demand from a walled garden of choice.

  1. In the case of PC tech support, the best answer to “Who you going to call ?” is Ghostbusters.
    As far as Mac tech support goes, you really don’t need dedicated staff as much as you would for a PC.
    perhaps 1 Mac tech support per 100 users, if that much.

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