Key point here is Simpson’s last sentence:

“Just a thought, but maybe we should make it more about the companies and less about the investors.”

Sure, we couldn’t have most of these wonderful innovative companies without investor money, but the emphasis on investors is wrong, unless you’re writing news stories purely for investors to read.


Originally posted on Rowan Simpson:

NZVIF have released their latest Young Company Finance report. The report includes a list of all of the companies that raised new capital so far in 2014. It is an appallingly incomplete list. These are the companies that I know of they have missed:

  • Vend, NBR, March 26
  • Timely, NBR, June 21
  • Atomic
  • Revert
  • Mindscape, NBR, June 21
  • Influx, NBR, June 21
  • Vibe, NBR, June 21
  • GoodNest, NBR, July 5
  • Spotlight, DigitalFirst, June 3
  • PLTech, NBR, June 26
  • Pocketsmith
  • PushPay, NBR, June 16
  • PledgeMe
  • Wynyard, Stuff, March 14

I’m sure there are many others. Please add a comment to this post if you can give me more names. If you add up the amount raised by just those I’ve listed it comes to more than the $23m that is reported, meaning they miscalculate the amount of investment by at least half. No wonder officials are convinced there is a shortage…

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