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Bill Bennett


Citylink brings world first SDN internet exchange to NZ

Internet exchanges around New Zealand will be upgraded with software-defined network equipment in a world first. Citylink chief technology officer Jamie Baddeley says his company has tested kit from key SDN switching vendors over the past year before choosing to buy equipment from NoviFlow.

He says: “We have very exacting requirements when it comes to SDN and the IXPs. NoviFlow clearly demonstrated capability and commitment to very high-performance software-defined networking and because of that we’re innovating the future architecture of Internet Exchange Points with them.”

Software-defined networking does for networking what virtualisation did for servers. SDN separates network hardware from the controlling software. This means Citylink engineers can reconfigure and orchestrate switches and routers just like virtual servers. Managing a network becomes flexible and dynamic.

Bringing SDN technology into internet exchanges makes them more secure and stable. Behaviour is fully predictable and they comply better with all the current best practice recommendations.

Baddeley says that this approach is the first of its type in the world, with all IXP architectures worldwide facing similar challenges. Further details are in the official press release.



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