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Do you ever wake up early and instead of rolling over for a longer sleep glance at your phone and start reading work-releated emails?

You’re not alone. As consultant Ian Apperley explained at the New Zealand Cloud Computing Summit, we’re now entering a new way of working where there no longer seem to be hard and fast boundaries between your job and your social life. It’s something he describes as fractilised working and we’re living that way thanks to cloud computing.

Apperley says fractilised working is a move away from a nine-to-five world governed by command and control management style with censored internet and fixed location. All of that belonged to the desktop computer  era.

Instead, he says today’s workers are free to move. We are now always connected, using smartphones,  tablets or other devices to stay in touch with customers and work colleagues from anywhere, at anytime.

He says social media plays an important role in fractilised working, although voice and email are still in there. And workers are now using smartphones to augment their brains to get real-time information.

There are all kinds of productivity advantages and lower costs for companies, meanwhile people are happier and more able to work in ways that suit them.

It’s not all positive. Apperley warns while younger people have grown up as this way of working emerged, older people struggle with some aspects of it. And, he says, there’s potential for disaster when fractilised working is blended with old-style command and control management.

One thought on “How cloud computing ruins your sleep

  1. The main thing to keep in mind when you are in a situation where you can work outside of the office is to manually manage your work time as now it is not dictated by location and time (the ‘9 to 5’ as it were) it is going to be much harder to a) remember to have a personal life and to shut work down every now and then, or b) actually do work to keep deadlines and maintain productivity depending on what type of person you are.

    Everything new is harder for people who have previous habits and is usually misunderstood by management and may be given to you when you shouldn’t have it or not given to you when you know you should. Nothing new in that, and it will pass as more people become familiar and people who aren’t become less afraid as success stories spread.

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