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Companies are moving away from the old-school battery hen style contact centres towards cloud-based operations says Frost & Sullivan ANZ head of research for ICT practice Audrey William. It’s a move that could benefit telcos.

William says the cloud-based contact centre market is growing at 39 percent annually. Her figure is for Australia, but New Zealand is on a similar path.

Frost & Sullivan research found large contact centres are largely sticking with on-premise systems. Larger contact centres are resource and capital-intensive – they also tend to have long contract terms.

Willam says while there’s a market awareness of hosted contact centre systems, it is still early days for fully cloud-based contact centres.

She says: “As momentum gathers towards third-party hosted and delivered contact centre solutions, telcos with their network expertise, will be advantageously positioned to capitalise on this trend. Telcos will be well positioned to leverage their market reach to offer bundled solutions”.

3 thoughts on “Contact centres moving to cloud

  1. I’m not following, do they mean people remote working for a call centre or do they mean outsourcing?

    • It can mean remote working, but my understanding is the important point is the call centre systems are not on a local server but delivered as a service. If anyone knows otherwise, please put me right.

      • Oh ok, so they’re talking about SaaS for call centres. Must. Reference. Cloud.

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