Content is barbarism

The term “content” is a barbarism that bit by bit devalues what journalists do.

Jay Rosen, Chair of Journalism at New York University
Taken from Look, you’re right, okay? But you’re also wrong


One either meets or one works

Bob Sutton dug up this brilliant quote from Peter Drucker.

Like Sutton, I think some meetings are essential, but both Sutton and Drucker are right: they are too often a substitute for real work.

Bob Sutton: Peter Drucker: “One Either Meets or One Works”.

Harold Evans’ ‘inescapable reciprocity’

Harold Evans, former editor of The Times was writing specifically about newspapers, but the basic idea applies equally online:

Content and design go hand in hand:
Newspaper design cannot begin to exist without news and attitudes to it; without something to express to a defined audience.

And newspaper news cannot effectively be communicated visually without newspaper design.

The problem is to communicate, within the same physical context, not one message but a series of disconnected messages, of infinitely varying significance, and to do this with speed, ease and economy in a recognisably consistent style.

– Harold Evans, Newspaper Design

A man’s reach

Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

Robert Browning