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It took well over an hour to book and pay for Air New Zealand tickets. The company’s online system is dumb, online support is worse.

Finding flights, prices and other details is straightforward at the Air New Zealand website.

air new zealand website

After making selections and filling in ticket details you click through to a purchase screen.

This is where the trouble starts.

There are two payment options: credit card and the Poli option for online internet payment. The credit card option was available, but the Poli option was displayed in faint type. It wasn’t possible to select the button.

I clicked on the “why can’t I use internet banking (Poli)?” link.

This says: “POLi isn’t compatible with this web browser. We suggest using Internet Explorer 7.0 or later.”

why can’t I use internet banking (Poli)


Internet Explorer 9 is installed on my computer, so I switched browsers only to find now I couldn’t select the tickets from the first screen.

Air New Zealand’s online support told me this is because the site doesn’t support Internet Explorer 9. Helpfully ‘Breeda’ the person handling my enquiry suggested I tried Firefox.

After downloading Firefox. I stepped through the process for a third time, only to reach the same greyed out Poli option.

This time the support told me “Windows .NET Framework 2.0 or later is needed to use POLi. Install or update now”

This took a while. Stepped through again, but was roadblocked at exactly the same point. Just in case the problem was installing .NET, I rebooted and took a fifth trip through the process.

The site still wouldn’t let me pay using Poli.

In the end I used the credit card option. It costs $4 more than Poli – but that’s not the issue, I prefer to pay by internet banking because transactions are cleaner in my account.

Air New Zealand needs to fix this.


10 thoughts on “Disappointing experience buying Air NZ tickets online

  1. I agree Bill.

    I have a Mac…which means it is not even an option for me presumably as I can never have the MS .net Framework installed.

    Disclaimer: after being disgusted at being unable to use Poli due to my OS choice a long time ago I never looked back, – maybe its different now. Judging from your experience, I suspect not…

  2. Same thing happen to me. I have always used Firefox (one of the most popular browsers), so I downloaded the .NET and it still didn’t work. So I used Internet Explorer 9 which didn’t work either. You would think they would keep their Poli website up to date like everybody else does. So it looks like I will have to spend the rip-off $8 extra and use my credit card

    • I stand corrected.
      At first attempt it told me it is not working and to try again later.
      I have just tried IE9 again and it worked this time. It did have to download the small POLi program first, but then it worked fine.

  3. totally agree. just had a good hour working through this nonsense. this is not the first time, I was recaling the drama from about 2 yrs ago, but had happily forgotten. But, I suspect it is there in part to make that extra money for these reasons. Most annoying though is that I have .NET 4 installed (cos it is now 2012) and yet this didn’t cut it. When I dug out .NET 2 SP2 from the MS website all was fine. Mind you I do IT for a living….

    All up a crap, unprofessional and severely un-user friendly set up – it should be removed.

  4. Same happened to me and it cost me an extra $28 to pay by credit card as I was booking return flights for my husband & I. It is a rip off that they charge $7 per flight.

    • My wife had a similar problem buying Interislander tickets using the systgem yesterday. Between starting and finishing the transaction the cost of the tickets she was trying to buy went up by $40.

  5. Yup, the system is an absolute pox. Windows 7 and Firefox 14, nope. Linux and Firefox 12, nope. Windows XP and Firefox 14, nope. Windows XP and IE8, nope…merely say ePoli cannot continue at this time…..all AV’s, Firewalls off, apac loaded, etc. Used to work on this a couple of months ago…..booked Emirates instead.

  6. Hi billbennettnz,
    I work at POLi Payments. We are sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with our service. Let us help you resolve any account issues you may be experiencing by visiting our Contact page. We value your business and hope we can continue to offer you a safer way of payments online.

    • Yes, an hour later I would say. Installed Windows .NET Framework 4.x and still no luck. We are a month past Poli Payments reply and still no resolution. They know it is an issue. Back to Credit Card payment.

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