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Windows 7 Windows 8Windows 8 is not a sales success. That’s partly because many users struggle with the clumsy dual-mode user interface. Some hate the new interface so much they ditch Windows 8 in favour of Windows 7.

Don’t do it.

I decided to see if downgrading is the answer. After a week using the older Windows, I can report Windows 7 isn’t the answer to Windows 8 woes. Unless you’ve got problems with an application that won’t run on Windows 8, deliberately downgrading to Windows 7 doesn’t make sense.

My trip back to Windows 7 only lasted a week, I didn’t have time to miss features upgraded in Windows 8 like account syncing or refresh and reset. I did notice the slower start-up time, but I use an SSD so the difference between 7 and 8 is seconds. File copying works better in Windows 8 but that’s not a big enough deal to swap operating systems for.

So if Windows 8’s features are not the issue, why am I now convinced the new operating system a better choice than Windows 7 despite the user interface? Mainly because Windows 8 is smoother and more polished. I like the file system, updated explorer and the SkyDrive cloud integration.

What about productivity? I suspected Windows 8 is lower than Windows 7, it turns out I was wrong. With everyday work there’s no noticeable difference. When it comes to tasks like moving files and backing-up, Windows 8 is better.

5 thoughts on “Downgrading from Window 8 to 7 no answer

  1. […] Revert to Windows 7. after all nothing was broken, what problem was solved by moving to Windows 8? This option will require a few hours work backing up key data, doing the reinstall and then reinstalling the apps. Mind you all that is trivial these days compared with a decade ago. Update: I tested this, it is not worth the effort. […]

  2. Yeah, if I ever have to deal with Windows 8, I’ll just do it. I know I’ll eventually learn it, just like I did with Linux.
    gl, Bill. As they say, you can mostly ignore the Metro interface if you really want to, but I assume things like People and SkyDrive mean you’ll be a foot in each hole.

  3. Interesting, I have 8 on a desktop and Tablet/Notebook (ATIV Pro). Use 7 at work and on an old netbook only because cant upgrade both. Work has not long got to 7 and Metro won’t work on the netbook screen res!
    Once you learn Start/Search and Charms (send to device esp) you have 8 licked. Have done with novice users in 30 min or less

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