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Cartoonist Dylan Horrocks protests against New Zealand’s S92A law change in an appropriate way drawing this copyright-free cartoon.

Internet copyright theft

Horrocks is a cartoonist. He depends on intellectual property for his livelihood. As a journalist, I’m in exactly the same place.

One of the wisest things I learned from former colleague Jack Schofield was governments have a habit of enacting laws that result in the opposite effect to their intentions.

New Zealand’s poorly thought-out S92A is a classic example of this. Rather than strengthening New Zealand’s copyright law, it has further undermined the concept in this country.

That’s not a good thing.

Thanks to @glynmoody for drawing my attention to this locally produced cartoon even if he is sitting on the other side of the world and to www.scoop.c o.nz for hosting the cartoon here.

And Juha Saarinen provides some context for NZ’s harsh new copyright law.

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