That pen looks interesting - HP says it works with Windows handwriting recognition
That pen looks interesting – HP says it works with Windows’ handwriting recognition

If Hewlett-Packard’s elegant ElitePad was available when Windows 8 launched last October, business users may have been quicker to warm to Microsoft’s new operating system.

ElitePad is everything one might want from a serious Windows 8 tablet. And it shows off the touch screen-based Windows 8 to its best effect. Suddenly all Microsoft’s wacky-looking design choices make perfect sense.

You get a lot of business features for the NZ$1095 asking price. Mobile broadband support is baked-in, the case is more rugged than most tablets and there’s 64GB Ram as standard – that leaves around 42GB to play with.

While the basic tablet will meet many people’s needs, HP offers a series of jackets to add features. One jacket adds USB ports and other connectors – like a portable desktop docking station. Another adds a full Qwerty keyboard.

A third jacket provides a rugged shell for dirty or dusty work places. HP says further jackets are planned including one for retailers that adds a bar scanner and magnetic stripe reader, effectively a mobile cash register.

HP emphasises business features like a promise of stability, it says the model will stay current for some time yet. The company also talks of reliability and its ability to service machines – that’s essential for security when working with key business documents.

Microsoft Windows, especially Windows 8, doesn’t suit everyone, but if you live and work in Microsoft’s technology stack and need a serious business tablet, the ElitePad has to be a contender.

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  1. I need one of those “first world problems” memes; want new devices, but I can’t think of use-cases for them.

    I wanna try the new mobiles OSes, I wanna have Windows 8, I want Ubuntu/Unity and I want KDE, but I can’t even utilise what I have let alone justify buying more things.

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