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The April 2014 special ANZ edition of Modern Infrastructure carries a story I wrote about the New Zealand Cloud Code of Practice.  Modern Infrastructure is a free download magazine, you have to give an email address and some personal details to get it. Once past that barrier you can get access to all the material on the site, there’s plenty of interest for IT professionals so if infrastructure is your thing, it’s well worth the effort.

I wrote the story for an international audience and came about because there’s a lot of overseas interest in the code. You may notice the subeditor turned the macro on the word  Māori into a tilde. Or perhaps the editor’s computer didn’t recognise the macron.

Most of the story is from an interview with Joy Cottle of the Institute of IT Professionals. She talks about how the code came about and the process of taking it from an idea to implementation.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to tell the world about a technology story where New Zealand is ahead of the pack. If you have more of them, please get in touch.

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