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Website warrant of fitness

A woman called from a company called Zyber. She said her company produced a ‘warrant of fitness’ report on my website.

She asked if I wanted to see it and asked for an email address so she could send the report.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the PDF documents was the date on the report. The call came on May 30 2014, the report date is December 9 2103.

Six months in normal time is about an eon in internet years. My site has changed dramatically since then with two major overhauls.

Never mind. There might just be some value in this report.

Or perhaps not. The first red flagged ‘problem’ on my site is that Zyber couldn’t find a Twitter account.

Zyber didn’t look far.

Sure, there’s no link to my Twitter account on the home page. But it’s there, one level down, on the about page.

And anyway, it’s debatable whether having a Twitter account is a necessary website feature.

The next flag tells me the site isn’t responsive. That’s wrong too.

And so it goes. The report quotes a Moz Rank, but that’s wrong by a country mile.

Clearly this report is a lure to spend money so that Zyber’s ‘professionals’ can put things right.

Given the sloppiness on display in the PDF that’s something that is never going to happen.